Through a continuously growing network of hotel owners, as well as of local and international investors who trust us in helping them identify investment opportunities, our team offers a wide range of brokerage services to both sellers and buyers of hotel assets.

For hotel owners who seek to sell their assets we offer a full range of services which include:

  • Evaluation of the asset and estimation of a reasonable sales price
  • Identification of value-added and repositioning strategies that will help in enhancing the asset’s current market value
  • Compilation of marketing material and preparation of hotel sale brochure
  • Tax-efficient deal structuring, based upon the seller and/ or the buyer needs

Alternatively, we offer our services to hotel owners who prefer to find suitable tenants to lease their properties, thus removing themselves from the day-to-day operations and the inherent risks, while securing an annual lease income and improving their hotel’s value.

On the buy-side, we offer advisory services and support to various types of investors, including funds, family offices and high net worth individuals, who are seeking to deploy capital towards hotel acquisitions. Our services involve:

  • Provide up-to-date local market knowledge and insights on current market conditions

  • Support investors in creating a sound investment strategy and in establishing pragmatic investment criteria
  • Identify and conduct preliminary evaluations of acquisition opportunities on behalf investors
  • Assist investors in securing debt financing from the main financial institutions at the best possible terms