Our team is diligently working on building a continuously growing network of major capital providers/ financial institutions in Greece and abroad to provide our clients with thoughtful, unbiased financing advice and support with a view to secure the highest amount of debt and/ or equity funding and at the lowest possible cost while achieving the best commercial terms possible.

The types of debt and/ or equity financing wherein we offer our advisory services, include acquisition, construction, mezzanine, renovation, refinancing.

As part of the financing process, we advise and support our clients in negotiating the terms of their debt and/ or equity funding, including:

  • Assisting our clients to set their desired debt and/ or equity funding goal
  • Identifying the best sources of financing
  • Assessing and optimizing the capital structure and cost of capital
  • The desired debt and/ or equity amount
  • Rates and fees and other financial covenants
  • Repayment obligations
  • Permitted capital expenditures
  • Permitted distributions to shareholders

Our dedicated financing advisors coordinate every element of the transaction to relieve the stress and burden from the client while saving significant time until we achieve our clients’ desired goal.