Technical Services / Owner’s Technical Representative

The general purpose of these services shall be to act on behalf of the Owner on all technical matters, to drive the overall process of design development, construction, permits and handing over while ensuring compliance with the Operator’s and authorities requirements and regulations.

The scope, which can be tailored to meet the Owner’s requirements, includes the following tasks:

• Assessment of the potential of existing properties for conversion.
• Preparation of a project improvement action plan (PIP) to bring a property to compliance with the designated brand standards.
• Advise on and appoint and manage the consultants, vendors, contractors and service providers.
• Ensure good communication and facilitate meetings and exchange of information with all parties involved in the project.
• Ensure authorities’ and Operator‘s permits and approvals are received in a timely manner.
• Review, advice on and monitor the design process and operational functionality of the hotel design at every stage of development from an architectural, interior design and landscape perspectives.
• Evaluate the performance of all contracted parties and take corrective action where necessary.
• Anticipate and mitigate potential issues that may adversely affect the project.
• Advise on and manage the construction bidding process.
• Monitor the work progress to ensure the project meets the agreed schedule, budget and quality requirements and the standards of the Hotel Operator.
• Oversee Value Engineering process and Change Control.
• Conduct regular site visits and highlight to the project manager, consultants and contractors any observed issues.
• Provide regular reporting outlining the status of the project.
• Maintain proper project’s records and documentations.
• Assist in the transition from construction phase to hotel operation, including testing and commissioning, snagging of works and handing over to operations team.